5.25" Speaker Plates for SPIKE 2 games (SLK-515-1941-00)

These 5.25" Speaker Plates are made so a person that has 4" speakers in their SPIKE 2 game can upgrade their speakers to the larger 5.25" size that many LE games come with.

These CAN NOT be used in the James Bond 007: 60th Anniversary Limited Edition.


These are easy, drop in replacments for the 4" factory speaker plates that are in most SPIKE 2 games. They come in a set of 2 plates and are $50 a pair if you are buying them without a SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kit. If you are buying them with any SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kit they are only $25 a pair.

I suspect most people making this upgade would be intereted in using my Deluxe 5.25" SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kits with them so I am offering them together in a single click combo, BUT if you would like these 5.25" Speaker Plates with one of my Standard, Deluxe or Flamin' Frames SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kits, that is fine. Just add the plates alone ($50) to your cart along with the Standard, Deluxe or Flamin' FRames SPIKE 2 Speaker Light Kit and the $25 discount will be refunded to your PayPal transaction when the order is processed.

Keep in mind, these speaker plates or the speaker plate / speaker light kit combo
and it is up to you to find, choose and buy the 5.25" speakers that you would like.



5.25" SPIKE 2 Speaker Plate set


Deluxe 5.25" Speaker Light Kit


a $25 savings!




$50 separately


$75 separately 


5.25" SPIKE 2 Speaker Plate set

Part # SLK-515-1941-00





I also have

5.25" SPIKE 2

Speaker Surround sets

in Various Colors

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