Acrylic design mounting tips for frameless acrylic designs

IMPORTANT: Do not overtighten the mounting hardware. There should not be an issue with this hardware coming loose with the included nylon insert locknuts. Overtightening may cause stress marks on the acrylic or breakage. Designs that have been broken or damaged around the mounting holes will NOT be replaced.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure everything is secured when mounting the designs. If being used with the Speaker Light Kit frames, make sure BOTH frames are attached and secured before mounting the designs. You may also want to have some extra hands to help you hold things securely when mounting them.

INSTALLATION is pretty straight forward:

You will need a socket driver with a 5/16" socket and a small Phillips screwdriver. There isn't really a secret on how these are mounted. They have mounting holes, the screws (included) go through the front of the mounting holes. You may add spacers (included) behind the design if you would like. The screws then go through the mounting area wherever you would like and then the nuts go on the back of the screws. If you do not like the positioning of the design you may have to try a bit to get them positioned where and how you would like. When you get them positioned as you choose, carefully snug the locknuts on the screws.

TIPS to make your designs look their best:

These are designed to be used with backlighing. If they are used without the lighting, they may blend in and not be very noticeable at all, depending on the design and where and what they are being mounted to.

Other factors might also affect how these designs look when mounted. The type of design will affect the look, as well as how different types are mounted.

If you have a design that DOES NOT allow light to pass through the acrylic part of the design (black, a mirrored design that is not etched, etc...) they can be mounted in pretty much any configuration and what is behind the design will not really matter. Spacers / No Spacers, Foam / No Foam... it really won't affect the look of the design. So on these designs you can choose to mount these as you prefer and they should look as intended no matter how it is done. If you do want the foam behind the designs, be sure to put it down after the designs are mounted. After the designs are in the position you want and tightened, you will then have to remove each light frame ONE AT A TIME and put the foam in. It should lay on the the design's mounting nuts fine and then the light frame will be remounted over the foam.

On the other hand, if you have a design that DOES allow light to pass through it, be it from the acrylic being translucent or from the design having details etched in it, you will want to consider what you have mounted behind the design.

I have found that adding spacers (included) directly behind the design helps their appearance, but even more so, you do not want to have any foam behind the design. The foam does something to the backlighting that causes the mounting surface to show through the design. This gives the design a dark, messy and cluttered look. As you can see from the pictures below, the spacers help to clean up the look of the design, but having the back clear (without foam) makes an even bigger impact on the look of the mounted, backlit design.

I think in the pictures above, it is easy to see the added spacers help, but getting rid of the foam helps way more in making the design look its best and not show the mounting surface through the design.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a design that does not allow light to shine through it, you will be fine mounting it with or without the foam and / or spacers. Though I do find the spacers add a nice, little bit of depth to the designs mounting.