ColorDMD SIGMA / Speaker Light Kit Interface Cable

This interface cable connects a LCD ColorDMD Display running in SIGMA Mode to a SpeakerLightKits.com Speaker Light Kit. This will allow the ColorDMD to be controlled by the Speaker Light Kit remote. The colors and color changing effects will then be in sync with the ColorDMD and the speaker lights.

This cable requires a LCD ColorDMD that is running in SIGMA mode, that is board revision 1.3, 1.3A or 1.3B.

The 9 pin LAMP_IN connection on the back of this ColorDMD board revision has to be open.

The ColorDMD will have to be running SIGMA firmware and be 2.5 Firmware or later to take advantage of this functionality. The latest ColorDMD SIGMA software can be found HERE

SpeakerLightKits.com Speaker Light Kits are recommended, as they are the only ones that I am sure are wired correctly for this mod interface. It is known that some light kits made by others will not work correctly and the colors will not match between the ColorDMD and the speaker lights.