Details of Bluetooth / App RGB Controller

This is the SP601E Bluetooth / App RGB controller. As well as being able to be controlled via the iOS or Android app, it comes with a 16 button RF remote and also buttons on the unit itself for some operations. It has 2 output wires that can be setup to output 2 completely different light patterns if you would like.

The app has 40 different pattern types to choose from and customize, and 16 of them are sound activated modes that use the controller's built-in microphone.

There is also the (in)famous Fire pattern that others tout in their DESTRUCTION or FLAMING DELUXE light kits that sell for $159 or more. This is the exact same controller that they use and it has the exact same effects. Do not be fooled, this Fire pattern does not look nearly as good as my dedicated Flamin' Frames (Type 14) light kit.....not even close, but buying my Deluxe (Type 12) light kit for $85 and this controller for $15 is a lot better than paying $139 - $169.95 for the EXACT SAME THING from the other sellers. Don't get taken.

Many of these 40 patterns have adjustable color, direction, pattern length, speed, brightness and sensitivity settings for the sound activated patterns. You can save up to 9 different light pattern setting as "Scenes" to be easily accessed with the remote or auto-cycled through.

Having said that, you will need to use the app to at least setup and save the patterns to get much use out of this controller. It will come with 9 patterns already saved to it (number 4 being the Fire pattern that will be pre-setup for use on the type 12 light kit), but to save any changes or to cycle through the rest of the 31 patterns, you will need to download and connect with the app.

A QR code is provided on the controller to find the app in the App Store or on Google Play. It is called "BanlanX" if you would like to search for it manually. It has a built-in manual, but after you poke around in the app a bit, you will probably figure out more on how to use the app than the built-in manual explains.


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