Pinballtoppers - Get unique toppers and other items.


 Rock Custom Pinball - Rock Custom Pinball has a great selection of interactive undercab lighting kits.

  They also sell an interactive speaker light harness that connects their

  undercab kit with my speaker light kits. This makes both the undercab and

  speaker light kits interactive with the actual gameplay and light show of the game.



ColorDMD - Home of game specific ColorDMDs and the ColorDMD SIGMA. Upgrade your game with a ColorDMD

  SIGMA, one of my speaker light kits and pick up an interface cable from my accessories page

  and you are ready for a synced up DMD / speaker light show with remote control functionality.



Pinballcenter - Based in Germany, Pinballcenter is a great place for various pinball parts, mods and LEDs.

  They also carry my Speaker Light Kits and a full selection of my acrylic designs.