Power connection for Type 10 kits

 The Speaker Light Kits for SPIKE system games get their +12v of power from the CN1 Cabinet Node that is located on the left side, in the front of the game cabinet (just inside the coin door). It is a printed circuit board that is just below the left flipper button area inside the cabinet.

  The connection on Cabinet Node 1 that is used is the CN9 connection. It is in the top left area of the CN1 board. The SAM to SPIKE 12v Power Harness that is included with the Type 10 kits is keyed so it can only be plugged in the proper direction on the CN9 connection. For more in-depth information on connecting the power for type 10 kits, please see the pdf in the MANUALS SECTION about power for SPIKE system games.

  If the CN9 connection is being used by another aftermarket add-on, please let me know at support@speakerlightkits.com and I can find an alternate location for the Speaker Light Kit to get its +12v of power from.


                   SPIKE CN1 Diagram 

                   SPIKE CN1 Pic

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