IMPORTANT! Different speaker panel types for Star Trek (Stern: Pro and Premium)

There are 2 different types of speaker panels that were used for Star Trek Pro and Premium. The mounting hardware for the speaker light kits are different for each one of these speaker panel types, so it is important to look at your game and make sure you select the correct speaker panel type below.
The ORIGINAL type of speaker panel
The easiest way to tell this is the original type of speaker panel is you will see it only has 2 nuts holding each speaker in place (GREEN CIRCLES). There are no nuts, or even a place to attach nuts, in the other two corners of the speakers (RED CIRCLES). You will also see that the bottom of the backbox has two pegs coming out of it (YELLOW CIRCLES) for the speaker panel to slide onto, to hold it in place.
The Newer type of speaker panel
ST 4 nuts resize
The newer type panel can be easily identified because it has 4 nuts holding each speaker in place (GREEN CIRCLES). It also has a long U channel (YELLOW CIRCLE) that runs along the bottom of the speaker panel. When securing this type of speaker panel the U channel goes into a slot that is in the bottom of the backbox to hold it in place.